History Worth Saving serves a daily 1minute broadcast ready feature with 1 minute adjacent barter spot.  Matt will gladly voice a custom intro for your station and local sponsor, inviting listeners back to your website for more stories with pictures and video.  The goal is to provide you with a great broadcast feature plus additional web content that's easy to use - and sell.  Samples of both the broadcast feature and "web extra" are below.

Broadcast Sample 1 - History Worth Saving
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Broadcast Sample 2 - History Worth Saving
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Broadcast Sample 3 - History Worth Saving
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Here's more on the "web extra" -  When the listeners visit your website, Matt can help make the History Worth Saving content easy to find.  You can either drop our video features directly onto your website or we can provide an easy to find graphic link.  This custom graphic can even feature the local sponsor.    


 FULL STORY SAMPLE BELOW:                                                                SAMPLE GRAPHIC LINK:

SAMPLE FULL STORY - The Barber Who Saved Route 66

April 17, 2018

Here's a sample web extra for your site.  Just create a space for History Worth Saving on your website and and then link back to our content.  It's easy and requires no heavy lifting on your end.  You get the increased web traffic and visibility without the hassle.

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Matt Jolley is a story teller, husband, father and lover of history.  In 2016 one of Matt's other feature reports was the recipient of a national Edward R. Murrow Award for feature reporting.  It's his hope you enjoy this content as much as he loves producing it.

History Worth Saving's Telephone Number:  478-397-5157


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